About Novades


The definition of the name Novades represents the activities of the enterprise: creating new destinations.

Novades is a partner for food producers that can no longer sell their products in the regular market. These often concern unmarketable batches of goods, for which demand has dropped. Novades creates a new destination for these by turning them into semi-finished products, and then delivers them directly to their final destination. Depending on the quality, new products are usually processed for food, feed, or technical uses.

Thanks to the innovative methods used by Novades, producers can realise maximum profit for their products in a sustainable and transparent way. To achieve the best results, Novades cooperates with a team of nutritionists; laboratories, producers and logistics service providers.


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Novades recognises the importance of sustainability in the food industry. This is why the following four principles are maintained:

- Chain optimisation: Novades reduces the chain by connecting the source to the end-user. In addition, good tracking & tracing results in better quality control.

- Reprocessing: Novades processes the products in a way that reduces waste.

- Innovation: Novades develops new products that have a higher nutritional value or that can be used as a cheaper alternative.

- Exchange of knowledge: Novades exchanges knowledge and shares expertise, so that production processes become more sustainable and waste in factories is reduced.